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Get Your Program Accredited with NFI CEUs

The following information is provided for sponsors of continuing education and training programs who want their programs accredited with NFI Continuing Education Units (CEUs). Below are the policies and procedures for getting your programs accredited with CEUs, and instructions on how to ensure that your students earn their CEUs by attending your program.

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Instructions for CEU Application

Q: How do I get my program accredited with NFI CEUs?

Q: Who will assign the CEUs to my program?

Q: How does the CEU Committee determine how many CEUs my course will receive?

Q: I am developing my program. How do I make sure my program gets the most CEUs possible?

Q: What are the most CEUs that my program can receive?

Q: Do I have to submit my course every year for CEU approval?

Q: How will I know how many CEUs my course has received?

Q: What am I responsible for at the program?

Q: How many CEUs are required for NFI Specialists to earn certification renewal?

Q: What are the CEU Categories?

Q: I have participants who will be taking their NFI exam in the next day or so. Will they be eligible to earn CEUs?

Q: Can instructors earn CEUs for teaching courses?

Q: What if I taught/sponsored a course but failed to get it accredited with NFI CEUs? Can I still get CEUs for my participants?

Q: Will NFI help me promote my program?

A: As long as CEU applications are submitted in a timely basis, NFI will post all CEU programs on the website. NFI will also publish the names and contact information of CEU course sponsors at different times throughout the year.