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Information on NFI

Why Certify? What Are The Benefits?


Customers Are Demanding It

Customers may not be asking directly for an NFI Certified technician, but when they purchase a hearth product, they are expecting a well trained technician with the knowledge to properly plan and install hearth products and their venting systems.

Being NFI Certified is an excellent selling point to customers by giving them the extra comfort knowing that they are dealing with a technician and retailer that is not just meeting their expectations, but EXCEEDING them. It could be the little difference between choosing you or the competition, and in this tough economy every advantage helps!

Manufacturers Recommend It

Manufacturers in the Hearth Industry also recommend an NFI Certified technician install their products. Currently, there are over twenty-nine of these NFI Advocates in the industry.

NFI Certification is recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends, and in some cases requires that consumers choose an NFI Certified specialist when participating in a Stove Changeout program. This is an excellent selling point to your customers who are becoming more environmentally conscious.

In professions where safety and protection of the public is involved, NFI certification also serves as a positive effort to self regulate, thus fending off the possibility of government regulation. Certification may pre-empt the adoption of outside regulations allowing us to install our industry’s products.

Earn Stature with Local Officials

Building code officials prefer to work with certified individuals because they know certified professionals have prepared for and passed an industry exam. You and your staff may become trusted experts when builders and officials have questions about the installation and operation of hearth products.

More Efficient Employees

Certified individuals are more productive using time more efficiently, than non-certified ones due to better job preparation and learning.

Your Insurance Premiums May Be Reduced

If installation and service are 25% or less of the gross of your business, you may be able to enjoy lower insurance rates.